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15 de julio 2017

INTERNATIONAL CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Ninety years since Martin Heidegger's Being and Time.

This year marks the ninetieth anniversary of the publication of one of the most decisive and fruitful works of contemporary thought: Martin Heidegger’s Being and Time (1927). The radicalism and originality of this work have made it an essential reading for the understanding of the philosophy of the twentieth century, influencing also fields such as plastic arts, literature, psychology and psychoanalysis, anthropology, sociology , education and theology, among many other disciplines.

To mark this occasion, the Centro de Escritura y Pensamiento Otrosiglo together with the Academia de Artes y Humanidades Taller 112, invite students, professors and researchers to participate sending unpublished manuscripts for publication of a commemorative book about Being and Time.

The writing pieces can be expositions -critical and/or exegetical- about some concept or section of the work, as well as its relationship with other works, authors and/or disciplines.


1. The manuscripts must be original and unpublished at the time of submission and may adopt any free form of an essay.

2. The manuscripts can be written in Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or English.

3. The manuscripts must begin with: 1. title (in any language that corresponds) with its equivalent English version, 2. author's name, 3. abstract (maximum 350 words), and 4. five key words that indicate the central concepts dealt with in the text. A brief review of the author should be included in the last page of the manuscript.

4. The manuscripts must have a minimum length of 10 pages and a maximum length of 20 pages (including bibliography): letter size and font TNR 12, line spacing 1,5 (footnotes: TNR 10 font, single spaced). This rule should be interpreted as an approximate suggestion since the writing texts will be evaluated in their conceptual merit.

5. Manuscripts must conform with Chicago Manual of Style for rules of citation and references (Link Manual: both http://www.chicagomanualofstyle.org/tools_citationguide.html )

6. The images included in the manuscripts, if any, must be inserted in the body of the text and also submitted (besides being sent in azs a separate file). Image format: black and white with a minimum resolution of 250dpi.

7. Manuscripts must be sent in .doc or .docx format to contacto@otrosiglo.cl (in subjetct: Handwritten ST; File name: author 's name / a).

8. Call ClosingProposals Due Date: 31 / Oct / 2017.